We are Purpose driven

About Us

Our story

Back in 2017, after spending a year in Belgium and with over 10 years of experience in the IT market, Guilherme Mello – 300 Software CEO, decided it was time to make a change not only in his career, but in the companies he aimed to work for.
Through his years of experience he was able to identify a pattern in multiple teams and companies that he worked for: the teams were made of professionals with conflicting profiles. He realized that teams made of excellent technical professionals weren’t enough to deliver the best solutions.
While some team members have the perfect technical knowledge, they might not be able to find the best way to express themselves.
While others have great communication skills, they might lack in some technical matters. On top of that, the company or project needs might vary and different professional profiles might be needed for specific tasks. And then Guilherme realized that the best teams he had worked with had one thing in common: their purpose. One’s strengths can fill in another’s weaknesses and together they can reach the final destination, as long as they are walking in the same direction.
And that’s how 300 Software started. Guilherme was working for a company and was requested to add one team member to help him. The client liked the result of their work together and the demand started rising. There was a mutual trust between both. Guilherme found his purpose and started looking for clients and team members that have the same purpose.

Our mission

Provide IT services that allow our collaborators to co-create value with our partners

Our Values

Customer satisfaction

We see our clients as our partners and we make their goals our goals. We feel that our job is complete when our partners are happy and receive the solution they were dreaming of.

Employee satisfaction

Our collaborators are our most valuable assets. Not only we continuously help them to improve and grow in the company, but also make sure they have a good work-life balance.

Result driven

We allocate developers and their skills at the most appropriate tasks so we have the best outcome possible. The right “ability + goal” match results in smart work and effective solutions.

Sense of purpose

We are driven by a sense of purpose. We believe our work makes a difference and has a positive impact in our own’s and our partners’ businesses.


We believe that collaboration is key to success. Our developers and partners work together, each of them bringing their own perspectives and expertise towards the same goal. We support each other, contribute with ideas and knowledge and communicate openly.


We are always clear with our partners and collaborators. We like to set up the expectations and work with realistic goals. If we come across something that can’t be done, we explain why and search for alternative solutions.